Why Choose a Midwife-led Birth?

A midwife-led birth offers  families a special opportunity to deliver their babies in a uniquely supportive, nurturing, and safe environment. . One where your care provider remains constant and attends your birth.  One that utilizes best practices, emphasizes safety, while also promoting and supporting each individual needs and preferences during labor and delivery.

Choose to give birth in one of the Ashland Birth Center’s  rooms, or in the comfort of your own home. Choose who will attend your birth. Create a safe and comfortable care plan that supports the uniqness of your family. Feel informed and confidence towards your birth, and also willing to let it unfold naturally. Receive careful and close attention throughout, have access to all recommended pregnancy tests and screens, including medical consultations and referrals.


At the Ashland Birth Center, we are dedicated to providing quality pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care for your Family.

Our practice follows the philosophical cornerstones set forth by the Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative.

Birth is a normal, natural, and healthy process.

We celebrate birth as a beautiful transition to motherhood, and one that brings the best reward: a beautiful baby, all your own.

Women and babies have the inherent wisdom neccessary for birth.

Each stage of labor brings a woman and her family closer to meeting her child. And as excruciating as labor and delivery are, a woman’s body responds to her baby, eventually bringing her baby earthside. Utterly amazing.

Babies are aware, sensitive humans beings at the time of birth.

From their first mewling cries, we love and cherish the babies born to ABC families, and provide an environment that faciliates beautiful mother and baby attachment

The midwifery model of care is appropriate for most women during pregnancy and birth.

Though still a relative novelty in the U.S., midwife-led maternity care is the norm in other developed countries, including most of Europe.  In fact, in the U.K., midwives are the lead care providers at more than half of all births.

Meet the Midwives: Savita and DanA

Savita Jones

Savita believes that a safe and satisfying childbirth experience provides an excellent foundation for taking on the responsibilities of parenthood. As a midwife, Savita seeks to help families access information, make sense of issues, think about their preferences, and put a safe and thoughtful care plan into place.

Savita is a second generation, Wisconsin Licensed Midwife. Her mother, Virginia Priest, has been at the forefront of midwifery in Wisconsin since the early 70’s.

Savita began her own primary care practice in 1992 and has attended over a thousand out-of-hospital births. She holds several professional and advanced certifications and is a student preceptor for her professional organization. Savita served as Treasurer for The Wisconsin Guild of Midwives from 2010 – 2016. She remains active for the advancement of Midwifery within her community and nationally.

‘I wish families well as they embrace the opportunity to be informed about their health care and encourage all families to view this special time in life as sacred.’ -Savita

Dana Churness

Dana experienced her first out of hospital birth in 2004, as a birth doula. In the years that followed, Dana birthed her own 2 sons with midwifery care in the comfort of her own home. In doing so, it became even clearer to Dana that pregnancy, birth, and infant care have a profound impact on families and personal well-being. Being born is important.

Dana’s professional midwifery education began in 2011, when she began an apprenticeship with Savita Jones.  In March, 2016, Dana began providing midwifery services as a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife (LM, CPM). She has held NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) Certification since 2011, and is certified in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics, among several other certifications including: ICEA Trained and Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator, and DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula.

Dana believes that all families deserve accessible, culturally appropriate and evidence-based care that align with the Midwifery Model of Care.

Our Lovely ABC Families Say It Best

My baby came so fast and furious  I’m certain I wouldn’t have made it to the hospital in time. Knowing that Savi would come to my home, support me, love me and my husband, and get me through labor was priceless peace of mind. I recommend Savi, Dana, and the Ashland Birth Center to every expecting mama I know!

~ Rachel

I absolutely loved the prenatal attention. It made me feel confident and ready for birth. . . But my favorite moments we’re the 8 weeks of post-natal care! It was so amazing to have someone absolutely there for you, even for possibly ridiculous questions about what the baby was doing or how I was feeling.


There’s so much to be happy about [at Ashland Birth Center!]! Throughout my birth center experience, I felt confidence and peace. I appreciate that the midwives are skilled, attentive, thorough, professional, and understanding women who are also mothers. They demonstrate genuine love for my whole family. Superb!


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